“Essential Tools for Dynamics GP”

Clients love our software for its ease of use and low operating costs. These apps integrate seamlessly with Dynamics GP and provide additional robust functionality missing from the core product. Contact us for a live demo or trial download.

AP Payment and Apply Import

Import Manual AP Payments and Apply Them to Open Invoices

The AP Payment & Apply Import can import PM Manual Payments into Dynamics GP and apply them to open PM invoices (vouchers). Read more...

Key Features:

  • Reads CSV files for both the manual payments and applications
  • Imports either manual payments or credit memos per import process
  • Imports the payments into multiple GP company databases
  • The payment batch ID can be specified on the user interface and can automatically split the import into multiple batches based on batch size

The import allows manual payments and applications to be imported at the same time, or separately.

The import also supports Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management for manual payments and applications. 

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AP Payment API Library DLL

Programmatically Apply Manual AP Payments to Open Invoices Using .NET

The AP Payment Apply API Library allows an existing .NET integration or application to apply unposted PM Manual Payments to open PM invoices (vouchers). Read more...

Key Features:

  • Programmatic Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Standard .NET assembly DLL
  • Apply either manual payments or credit memos
  • Apply payments in multiple GP company databases

Batch Import Load Test

Load and performance testing utility

This utility can import and post thousands of test batches and transactions in minutes, helping to troubleshoot and perform load testing.Read more...

Key Features:

  • Import and post a huge number or batches and transactions for testing
  • Supports Journal Entries, AP Invoices, Inventory Transactions, and POP Receipts against a Purchase Order
  • Useful for comparing performance of physical and virtual server environments

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PA Timesheet Recalc

Project Accounting Timesheet Recalc Utility

The Project Accounting Timesheet Recalc utility recalculates Project Accounting timesheet unit costs for salaried employees to ensure that the total timesheet cost accurately reflects the employee’s salary for the pay period rather than the standard unit cost multiplied by the number of hours.Read more...

Timesheet Recalc updates project timesheets with the correct cost for the salaried employee, even if they work more or less than the standard hours for the pay period. This ensures that the timesheet costs posted to the General Ledger will reconcile to the actual Payroll expenses to be posted when the payroll checks are processed.


Timesheet distributions are also recalculated properly, regardless of PA account setup and the timesheet distributions.


Project Accounting Timesheet Recalc Benefits:

  • Utilizes standard Project Accounting functionality
  • Processes timesheet batch or single timesheet
  • Version 2: Processes multiple employee timesheets per pay period
  • Accurately calculates costs for salaried employees on projects
  • Allows PA timesheets to book correct salary costs to project and GL
  • Ensures project timesheet costs match payroll costs
  • Eliminates manual recalculation of timesheets
  • Properly handles rounding issues for the timesheet, lines, and distributions
  • Handles both fixed and percentage overhead costs
  • Recalculates timesheet distributions regardless of PA account setup
  • Processes each timesheet in a fraction of a second (~150 timesheets per minute)

New Version 2!
PA Timesheet Recalc Version 2 can now recalculate unit costs for employees who submit multiple timesheets for each pay period. The Project Timesheets can be saved in multiple batches and the employee’s time for the pay period can be spread across multiple timesheets.


If employees submit separate timesheets by day, or by project for approval purposes, PA Timesheet Recalc can now recalculate the timesheet costs by employee for the pay period.

Timesheet Recalc Screenshot 1
Timesheet Recalc Screenshot 2

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Post Master Enterprise

Automated Batch Posting for Dynamics GP by Envisage Software Solutions

Precipio Services is the North American reseller of Post Master Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics GP, developed by Envisage Software Solutions.

Post Master Enterprise runs as a Windows Service and fully automates the Dynamics GP batch posting process, without requiring a GP client and without consuming a Dynamics GP user license.Read more...

Benefits of using Post Master Enterprise:

  • Completes the final step of an integration process by automatically posting batches
  • Eliminates repetitive posting tasks, saving time and reducing cost
  • Reduces burden of requiring operators to manually post batches
  • Achieve real-time information accuracy
  • Reflects real-time inventory and up-to-date account information
  • Ability to schedule after-hours processing, freeing up system resources
  • Multiple reporting options available
  • Customize the delivery of batch reports to suit circumstances of each batch
  • Application runs as a windows services
  • GP client is not required to be running
  • Does not consume a GP user license
  • Can be configured to automatically start when the host computer starts

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Search Master

Global Realtime Search for Dynamics GP by Envisage Software Solutions

Find any record or transaction using Search Master’s full-text search functionality.Read more...

Search Master allows any Dynamics GP user to:

  • Search, analyze and access information quickly and easily
  • Find any record or transaction using Search Master’s full-text search functionality
  • Rapidly view search results and display associated GP transaction windows
  • Search for information across multiple companies

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