Dynamics GP Integrations


eCommerce Web Site Manages 750,000 Inventory Items in Dynamics GP Using Inventory Item Import:  A retail eCommerce adds thousands of new inventory items to their product catalog each time they start selling products from a new manufacturer.   The company regularly needs to add those thousands of new items to Dynamics GP to match the items offered on their eCommerce platform.  This integration receives item data from the eCommerce platform and creates new Item, Item Vendor, Item Site, and Item Price List records in the Dynamics GP Inventory module, creating 1,000 items per minute.  The company now manages over 750,000 inventory items in Dynamics GP.


Restaurant Equipment Distributor Automatically Converts Quotes to Dynamics GP Sales Orders and Purchase Orders:  A successful restaurant equipment distributor uses a restaurant equipment quoting  system to provide customers with custom quotes for new restaurants.  Each quote with hundreds of line items needed to be entered into Dynamics GP as a Sales Order, and many of the line items needed to be added to new Purchase Orders.  Precipio Services developed a custom integration that imports each quote as a Sales Order.  As each line item is imported, the integration checks inventory items and available quantities and automatically creates standard or drop ship Purchase Orders.


Sales Item Discount Management:  Manage list of standard discounts and quickly apply the discounts to sales line items.


Automated Employee, Pay Code, Benefit, Deduction, and Payroll Transaction Imports:  Import Dynamics GP Payroll records and transactions from Kronos HR and Timekeeper systems on a scheduled basis.


Journal Entry Import with Analytical Accounting and Extender:  Import Dynamics GP Journal Entries with Analytical Accounting Codes and custom Extender fields.


Project Accounting Miscellaneous Log Import:  Import Dynamics GP Project Accounting Miscellaneous Log transactions.


Dynamics GP Process Automations


Law Firm Manages Thousands of Dynamics GP Projects Using Project Accounting Project Import: A law firm uses Dynamics GP Project Accounting to track costs and revenues for each of their clients. When the firm started working on large class action lawsuits, they would have to setup thousands of new projects in Dynamics GP, which was an incredibly time consuming process. The Project Import reads an Excel file and creates new Project Accounting Contracts, Projects, Budgets, and GL Accounts in Dynamics GP. The import performs the full project setup and can create 60 projects per minute.


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